62/200 – Curacao

WHERE? Curacao
WHEN? 10/1/19
WHO? Dave (food) & Kristin (drink)
WHAT? Keshi Pena, Tostones, Midnight Kiss drink
WHY? We got married on 10/2/10 and then went on our honeymoon to Curacao. We actually were there when it became an independent country and had to have it as part of this cooking quest.
HOW? https://1000awesomethingsaboutcuracao.com/2012/12/18/816-curacao-keshi-yena-stuffed-cheese/

FAVORITE ASPECT? The filling was terrific. Loved the taste as it was a unique flavor!
COOKING NOTES? I used ground beef as the meat, tomato paste instead of ketchup, a full habanero pepper plus a serrano one as well, couldn’t use piccalilli as it wasn’t available so I added achiote instead, and used a whole 2+ lb. block of gouda cheese. I initially bought hard Gouda which wasn’t going to work for this…make sure to get soft! For the Midnight Kiss drink, Kristin used Blue Curacao liqueur, champagne, vodka and lemon juice…and it was very good.
RANK AMONGST ALL MEALS? 25 of 62. Ironically this ends up right above Switzerland. Why is that ironic? They’re the two cheesiest meals we’ve made on this cooking quest!

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