110/200 – The Gambia

WHERE? The Gambia
WHEN? 5/29/20
WHO? Dave
WHAT? Spicy Chicken ‘Pepe’ Soup, Tapalapa
WHY? I read about this soup and it’s supposed to be HOT…so I knew we needed to have it. Plus, I love bread and thought it would be a nice treat to have this style.
HOW? https://travelwithkat.com/spicy-chicken-soup-recipe/ (soup)
https://www.196flavors.com/gambia-tapalapa/ (bread)

FAVORITE ASPECT? The soup was hot as advertised…but nothing we couldn’t handle!
COOKING NOTES? This was a soup made with chicken, tomato paste, Maggi cubes, garlic, and A LOT of peppers…peppercorns plus three different types of fresh peppers AND a pepper sauce from Africa. I also added peas and carrots. It was the type of spicy hot that you can still enjoy. Onto the tapalapa, there were four types of flour used, including cowpea flour from Africa. Once the dough was ready, I made three baguette loaves. It was a little dry on the inside but was nice dipping into the soup just as they do in The Gambia.

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