111/200 – Latvia

WHERE? Latvia
WHEN? 6/7/20
WHO? Kristin
WHAT? Chlodnik (Beet Soup), Karbonade (Pork Cutlets), Rye Bread & Bread Pudding
WHY? Kris came upon the soup during her research and became fascinated with building a meal around it.
HOW? https://www.internationalcuisine.com/latvian-cold-beet-soup/ (soup)
https://latvianmom.com/2018/04/27/layered-rye-bread-dessert/ (bread pudding)

FAVORITE ASPECT? This soup was on point. It was excellent the first day we had it, and even better as leftovers.
COOKING NOTES? This was the first time either of us has made a cold soup before…and we liked it! Red beets, cucumber, onions, garlic, kefir, pickle brine, dill and a hard-boiled egg topping. Next, the carbonade. Kris sliced some cutlets from a pork tenderloin, breaded ‘em up, and made a sauce of mushrooms, onions, heavy cream, lemon juice and dill. It was also served with roasted potatoes, carrots and green beans. Very good! Lastly, the rye Bread and layered rye bread dessert. Kris made fresh rye bread. We ate some that night, had more with the beet soup, and the majority was used within this dessert. The rye bread was layered with raspberry jam, cinnamon, powdered sugar, vanilla and whipped cream. It had a perfect level of moistness (sorry, but that’s the most applicable word) and it was a nice capper to our Latvian dinner.

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