112/200 – Sierra Leone

WHERE? Sierra Leone
WHEN? 6/7/20
WHO? Kristin & Dave
WHAT? Sierra Leonean Party Fish Balls & Pepper Sauce, Sierra Leonean Salad
WHY? We each discovered these fish balls during country searching, so decided to split up Sierra Leone with the cooking.
HOW? http://www.thecookingwardrobe.com/2016/03/sierra-leonean-party-fish-balls.html
https://www.preciouscore.com/how-to-make-delicious-pepper-sauce/ (pepper sauce)
http://www.thecookingwardrobe.com/2014/04/salad-sierra-leonean-way.html (salad)

FAVORITE ASPECT? The fish balls hit the spot.
COOKING NOTES? I handled the balls (though Kris wanted to handle the balls; we separately discovered them when searching for country foods and both planned to make them). The balls were made of steamed monkfish mixed with onion, garlic, potato, chicken bouillon and chili powder. Add fresh breadcrumbs made from sourdough and mixed with fresh herbs from our garden, they were deep-fried for a couple minutes…and they were good balls. Kristin made a chunky pepper sauce for dipping too, and it was a solid touch. She was also the chef for the salad. Some of the ingredients were typical to our tastes: romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, eggs – so kind of like a chef salad. But then there was also boiled potatoes, baked beans and canned corned beef. Topped with a homemade dressing of olive oil, mayo (yup), mustard, honey & lime juice, this was pretty good overall.

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