135/200 – Andorra

WHERE? Andorra
WHEN? 10/18/20
WHO? Dave & Kristin
WHAT? Catalan Beef Stew, Charcuterie Board, Crema Catalana
WHY? I had seen the Catalan beef stew recipe in our Thomas Keller cookbook a while back and have been wanting to try this. As Andorra is known for Catalan cuisine, here was the opportunity.
HOW? Thomas Keller Ad-Hoc cookbook

FAVORITE ASPECT? This stew was well worth the time and effort!
COOKING NOTES? Let’s start with the Catalan beef stew. This was probably the most time-intensive dish I’ve ever cooked, using several techniques that were new to me. Long story short, I made braised short ribs (from one of our local stores; thanks Mastrianos) in a red wine reduction Saturday. Then today on Sunday, I made an onion/tomato soffrito (which was amazing in it’s own right) which took several hours, mixed with the braising liquid. Add in blanched fennel and leeks, boiled fingerling potatoes, orange zest, Spanish olives and the short ribs cooked in the soffrito/braise. The result? A dish that turned out pretty awesome! It ended up worth all the time (whew), and I was proud I could pull off a Thomas Keller recipe! And it didn’t hurt having a Silver Oak wine we’d be waiting to have after our 10-year anniversary! For the charcuterie board, can you go wrong with meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits and nuts put together by Kris? No, you can’t. Then for the Crema Catalana, this was a dessert made by Kris. It’s similar to creme brûlée and featuring milk, cinnamon, lemon and orange zest, and vanilla bean, this had some nice flavor and we gobbled it down.

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